“Homo Normalis” (2018)

“ If the self is a story, then the story the Western self wants to tell is one of progress. Reality is chaos, chance and injustice, our future is illness, bereavement and death. All about us there is terrifying change, and there’s little we can do to manage it. But our sense of self hides this disturbing fact from us. It leads us to believe we’re heroes, captaining the plots of our lives. We’re John Pridmore fighting Satan, we’re Fritz Pearls fighting Freud, we’re Ayn Rand fighting the altruists, we’re John Vasconcellos fighting the media cynics, we’re Dan Faber fighting to one day dig the iron out of asteroids. It’s when we lose the fight of our lives and keep on losing that we become stuck and humiliated, broken heroes, enemies of our evermore demanding culture. Then the story that is self starts to fail. It begins to creak and crack as the actual truth of what it is to be a living human presses in on it.”

- Selfie, Will Storr

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(The entire project is to be viewed in person only. Below is a little excerpt from 300+ photographs)